Who We Represent

ERM represents all professional track & field athletes. Despite the name, our agency does not restrict its services to runners only. We represent jumpers and throwers and sprinters as well. Whether your event is on the track, field or on the roads, we provide our athletes with personal service and professional representation. As your agent, we owe you, the client, our undivided loyalty. After all, the relationship we forge with our athletes should be mutually beneficial. We succeed when you succeed. If you are looking for an agent or just have questions about how the athlete-agent relationship works or what it entails, call or email us. We respond to all inquiries and will be happy to be of assistance.

Christopher Mengel

USATF Certified Agent

IAAF Certified Agent

Christopher Mengel formed Elite Runner Management LLC to represent elite track & field athletes. Mr. Mengel, an attorney with offices in metropolitan Detroit, combines more than 30 years of practicing law with an avocation for long distance running. He became certified as a USA Track & Field sports agent in 2012. The purpose of the agency is to advocate on behalf of elite athletes. For far too long, these talented and gifted athletes have gotten the short end of the stick. Unfortunately, being the best on the track or on the roads does not pay your rent or provide you with medical insurance. His goal is to use his training, education, and experience as a lawyer to represent and negotiate deals on behalf of his clients to help provide them with the necessities of life so they can concentrate on what they do best: to train and to perform.

E-mail: cmengel@eliterunnermanagement.com