Jonathan Peterson

When you have a small agency and one of your athletes decides to move on, there is a feeling of loss. A piece of the puzzle that you ever-so-carefully put together has been removed. It’s like when a family member leaves home. ERM athlete and Team USA Minnesota member, Jonathan Peterson, formally announced his retirement from competitive running this week. Read his farewell blog here. He will be missed. “JP” was one of the first athletes who reached out to my agency for representation a few, short years ago. He placed his confidence in me to assist in managing his career when I was the new kid on the block. I will be forever grateful.  A laid-back guy from California with a Midwestern disposition and droll wit, Jon was both easy and fun to work with. Without getting into the numbers, Jon had an impressive college and professional career with numerous successes and just as many heartbreaks. I was privileged to share in both. Whether on the track or on the roads, Jon gave it all he had. That’s all any agent can ask from an athlete. Thank you, JP. I wish you, the pregnant Ashley, and your child-to-be the very best as you continue on your journey in life.

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