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The Destructive Allure of the Olympic Marathon Trials

The date for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta next February draws ever nearer. Olympic fever has started to take hold. It’s every serious runner’s dream to be an Olympian. To be chosen to your country’s team means you’ve made it to the pinnacle of your profession as a marathoner; a re-affirming moment that…
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5 Reasons Why You Need An Agent

There is no debate. You are an excellent athlete. You have soared at every level of competition, and your name appears on the leader board more often than not. You were All-State, All-Conference, and maybe All-American. Your success continues to trend upward as your times continue to trend downward. Your age is also starting to…
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Chris Mengel & Weldon Kirui


I’m often asked what it takes to become a track & field agent. Maybe you think it would be fun to represent and hobnob with the most talented athletes in the world and have front row seats to watch them perform at glamorous venues in New York, Boston, Eugene, and Europe. If so, we welcome…
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Show me your value & I’ll show you the money

Athletes can be like precocious children. When things don’t go their way, they love to complain. They complain about the weather, race conditions, lane assignments, and lousy hospitality and hotel accommodations. They complain about USATF for its tepid support of  intermediate professional athletes (justified) and NIKE  for dominating the business of sport and sucking the…
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Jonathan Peterson When you have a small agency and one of your athletes decides to move on, there is a feeling of loss. A piece of the puzzle that you ever-so-carefully put together has been removed. It’s like when a family member leaves home. ERM athlete and Team USA Minnesota member, Jonathan Peterson, formally announced…
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US Marathon Championships – A good way to end the year!

Young, Agent, and Rizzo It’s good to end the year on a high note! At the 2017 US Marathon Championships in Sacramento last Sunday, ERM athletes TIM YOUNG and PATRICK RIZZO had exceptional races that made their agent and a host of other family members and supporters pleased and proud. Despite the summer training hiccup…
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